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University Line Bus Rapid Transit


ATG | DCCM has supported the Harris County Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO) in the planning effort for the proposed University Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Houston. This BRT project is considered to be the largest BRT project in the history of the United States and stretches over 25 miles in length connecting major employment, education, commercial, and residential centers throughout the city. This project will also serve as the backbone of the planned METRONext expansion, which envisions providing modernized and convenient transit services across the Houston Region. ATG | DCCM was responsible for the modeling of traffic operations for the proposed corridor to ensure a safe and efficient movement of both BRT vehicles and general-purpose traffic following the implementation of the project. This involved modeling over 100 individual intersections in a microscopic traffic simulation model to examine the impacts of the proposed BRT project and to develop mitigation to reduce delays. ATG | DCCM also performed a safety analysis of the corridor, identifying hot spots for crashes and improvements that could be implemented as part of the BRT project to reduce crash rates in support of the City of Houston Vision Zero plan.

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