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R.G. Miller | DCCM

Since 2010, R.G. Miller | DCCM has hosted a geographic information system (GIS) for Northwest Harris County MUD 15 (NWHCMUD 15). This project began by using survey-grade GPS equipment to capture the real-world locations of every infrastructure asset in NWHCMUD 15. A GIS database using that data was then created, mapping the complete water, sewer, and storm systems, including each of the 1,484 service connections. To take full advantage of this new asset management system, an ArcGIS Online website was produced to distribute a suite of interactive maps. An Esri Field Maps mobile application was designed for Water District Management (WDM) to get the maps into the hands of those who need them. Field personnel now have immediate access to accurate information at their fingertips, drastically reducing response times and improving customer service.


In 2021, NWHCMUD 15 determined the need to conduct a condition assessment of the 396 sanitary sewer manholes due to 40 percent of them being over 40 years old. Another Esri Field Maps mobile application was created to streamline this process and eliminate paper workflows. R.G. Miller | DCCM worked closely with WDM to compile a comprehensive list of inspection criteria. An interactive mobile application was created, allowing field personnel to select a manhole, scroll through the list of inspection criteria, select from a drop-down list of predetermined answers, and take any needed photographs with their cell phone through the app. All data, including the photographs, was saved directly back to R.G. Miller | DCCM's servers to ensure the protection and security of the information gathered during the survey. Having this data reside at a server level facilitated the creation of an online dashboard application, allowing supervisors to monitor the survey's progress in real-time.


The GIS in NWHCMUD 15 continues to serve as an invaluable tool delivering an accurate system of record and an interactive system of engagement, resulting in more informed decisions at all levels of the organization.

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